Embodied Style


Does your current wardrobe reflect the leader you’re becoming?

This is a free workshop for the professional woman who's ready to express her leadership with her style.

Feel Natural & Be Authentically You

You’ve Evolved

You got the promotion and you’re feeling like a million bucks.

You’re stepping out into the world again connecting with friends, having brunch and enjoying a glass of Prosecco.

You’ve got major presentation for that executive or 7 figure client that you finally landed.

And yet something feels off. How yoBullet Listu feel doesn’t match what’s in your closet.

  • You’re feeling bored/stuck in a rut how your dressing

  • You’ve been wearing yoga clothes all day

  • You’ve starting to feel a bit invisible and reserved

  • You’ve stared blankly into your closet hoping something will excite you


It’s all about your essence

Feeling confident knowing that how you dress matches your identity

Dressing for yourself and enjoy getting ready again

Knowing not only how to connect with your identity through style, but how to confidently embody it every day

With intention, confidence, and fun

“I gained an incredible sense of confidence, ease, and alignment with my true inner essence.”

Deb Caron, Intuitive Well-Being Entrepreneur

You’ll never approach dressing the same

You’re going to have a clear vision including words to help you connect to and describe your style essence whether you go out and buy new clothes, work with a stylist, or shop in your closet.

Are you ready to redefine your style?



I’m your life purpose activator, life mentor, energy healer, and psychic guide with 15 + years of experience in corporate and nonprofit world. I help you to see and connect with your vision and purpose through 1:1 energy healing, coaching and mentorship.





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